Podcast Episode 4 released

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On the off-chance that you're not already a subscriber, we thought you might be interested to know that Episode 4 of the our podcast is now available to be beamed into your ears through the mp3 player of your choice. You can find it via i-tunes, or if you wanted to listen through this website head over to our podcast page.

And better late than never here are links to the things we talked about...

Local government news


- Pay Rise!


- Linked to poverty in the workplace


- Council website visits from mobile phones up to 25%


- London school places crisis:


Anecdote Corner – Week 2: Reviewing relations with members and asking about requests from managers

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Week 1 of the Anecdote corner was a success so we thought we’d try a second week.

It seems that week 1s topic might have been a bad choice as first go through as some people might have been reluctant to leave anecdotes about members they are currently working with. However, we did get a few good comments which I thought it would be good to share:

The Joff shared this lovely little anecdote:

My favourite moment some years ago was when a Leader declared with great force

"I want to know who is driving the blame culture around here and I want them sacked!"

TheStatsGibbon shared this one which I think reflects the sense of humour many members have; when you spend so much time on the doorstep it must be a necessity:


I can't remember

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Yesterday I saw a tweet from the top @iamadonut which read “Another farewell presentation: we're losing the corporate memory...”. It turns out that they are losing the person who does the entire officer/member IT training function, with that now being split up and taken on by other teams.

I’m not saying here that those taking things forward aren’t capable in their own way, but this short exchange re-rang an alarm bell in my mind which has been there for several years now. Thanks to the current financial crisis we are mired in (and as an aside, when did it stop being the credit crunch?) we are losing staff both good and bad hand over fist and as a result we really are losing that organisational history and knowledge Peter highlighted.

We’ve spoken about these people before. They are the people you turn to when you don’t know where the thick paper is kept for printing an important document, or who to speak with to get some information for a report. They are the people with their names on the papers from committee meetings from the 90s and who have seen bright young things arrive, get chewed up and spat out with scars and a wiser look in their eyes.