The budget: Always read the small print

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Tony TraversOn Monday night, just after launching our new website, myself and Glen settled down to record our first ever official podcast; we’d done a trial run, it wasn’t horrible and now we were recording our first proper show.

You can check out the podcast here or if you like the itunes you can follow this link and find it’s official home. Just remember that we are newbies at this!

There are many challenges to doing a podcast that are different from writing and one of them is the challenge of gathering a complex idea and distilling it into something approaching sensible conversation. There are no rewrites and certainly no chance to hone the argument. Believe when I say that I have a new found respect for people like Nick Robinson, and even Jamie Redknapp!

So, on Monday we decided to lead the news feature with a review of the budget. It seemed topical and I had something I really wanted to share. That something was this piece by the ever excellent Tony Travers who detailed how the figures tucked away in the budget suggested that local government could be facing a 50% real terms cut in our budgets over the period 2011-12 to 2017-18.

My problem was that I tried to explain why that was and when you read Mr Travers article you will understand that it is not the easiest to distill. This paragraph probably sums up the challenge:


Give us a listen! New podcast episode released

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After our first tentative steps into the podcasting world we have recorded and are releasing our first official podcast which you can find on our podcast page or you can pick it up via i-tunes (how very clever!).

'What can I expect?' we hear you asking!

Well, as this was the first ever episode there were no guests but we discussed the budget screwing local government (again), banning spitting, whether councils should help fund football stadiums, why Caerphilly council just can't get it right, public health transitioning, the LGC awards, Eric Pickles and the death of localism and then played the inaugural round of the We Love Local Gov Challenge.

Honestly, we'd love to hear some feedback; constructive is good, but anything is useful, so just tell us below or tweet us @welovelocalgov

And if you'd like to be on the show or have suggestions for someone who should just drop us a line!


We're back...

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They say you should never go back.

Nine months ago we closed down our blog; the original We Love Local Government.

For those who don’t know; the blog was a daily, and anonymous, blog about local government written by Gareth Young and Glen Ocsko. That last bit of information was only released on the last day of the blog’s existence; after which we hopped off into the sunset for a well-earned break.

Nine months ago we were tired; writing a daily blog is tough going. Writing a daily blog whilst trying to keep it entertaining, informative and anonymous is harder. So after three years and over 250,000 words we closed it down.

Nine months later and a lot has happened. Today we launch the rethought We Love Local Government; this time not as a wordpress blog but instead as a fully-fledged website.