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TOPIC: the ICE age

the ICE age 1 year 2 months ago #4701

At a set of traffic lights in South Yarra your automobile chassis starts to shake and your own ears are full of sound. Oh oh, you are at the firing line of a Very Loud Stereo (VLS). And we mean loud.

In terms of car audio though, ICE is much more than entertainment, it is a sport. Enthusiasts build systems costing more than the vehicle itself, to compete in committed sound-offs where judges assess installment as well as sound quality.
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Then there is dB drag racing, recorded in the US and now building a committed following in Australia. The aim doesn't have anything to do with sound quality or setup aesthetics. It's about volume. Competitors vie to create the most deafening sound, measured in decibels, or dB - so loudly, in reality, it could be dangerous to be in the vehicle. Systems are remotely operated, or so the controller unit is outside the car. Just how loud is that? If, for example, you found yourself beneath a Boeing 747 at take-off, you would experience 160dB.

Piers Braddock gets the automobile audiophile's dream occupation. Greater than $20,000 each in. "There are literally hundreds of users who've spent more than $20,000 on their automobiles."

Some are known to spend more than $50,000. When was it that an "in-dash wireless" was considered the height of luxury? The quick guide to building your personal To build your own, shop about, bargain, be certain that the salesperson is aware of what he's talking about. Tailor your choice into the car: what works for a Holden Commodore may be out of place at a Ford Festiva. Then consult your insurer that they'll cover you.

Automobile audio theft is a significant company and your best defence is a locked garage. If you're looking to begin, we have put together a system that will cost just under $3000. Head device - Sony CDX-4180, RRP $449 Prevent head or control units unless they are name brands like Sony, Kenwood and Pioneer, or (the more expensive) specialised brands like MTX, Boston Acoustics and Soundstream. Anything over 35watts per channel is really good and will give decent sound without the need for a separate amplifier.

This Sony includes 40 per channel. An RCA pre-out produces attaching an amplifier a whole lot simpler if you wish to leave this step to afterwards. Cheaper control units do not have detachable faces (to discourage thieves). Speakers - off DDC-R17H (front), RRP$549, Alpine DDS-R17G (back), RRP $319 This is not the time to lower corners. Cheap speakers will give you cheap sound. Choices are infinite in size, power handling and design. The most frequent are cone speakers, in which there is a small dome within a bigger cone (usually circular) which corresponds to create sound. Less mainstream are all horn speakers. Part speakers separate the various speaker frequency elements, like the woofer (for profound frequencies, like a bass drum) and tweeters (for High-end sounds(such as cymbals).

Component speakers usually command a price premium but may be worth the spend using their benefits in being able to direct the sound and set the components exactly where you desire. That is not to say one speaker won't sound good. Three-way speakers - in which you will find 3 different sized parts in the 1 package - may sound great. Alpine's latest range of all DD Drive speakers includes a two-way split program using a rating of 150 watts.
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They will be powered by the amplifier to make sure most of the sound comes in the front of the car. At the back there's a set of top notch 6.5-inch speakers. Sub woofer - Pioneer 1000F Bullet Series, RRP $279 Here is the source of this pumping, thudding bass which reverberates outside the car, managing bass frequencies which smaller speakers fight to shake out. Because bass frequencies are somewhat non-directional - that is, you can't tell where they are coming from - the 'sub' could be placed more or less anywhere in the car- boots would be the most popular location.

The attractiveness of a sub is that it may be added to the system later, if you purchase wisely early on. And if you're satisfied with the typical sound in your vehicle, you are going to be amazed with all the improvements simply adding a subwoofer may make. Size is not important. A pair of 10-inch subs will provide a much better result than just one 18-inch, using more defined bass and even more power.

But bear in mind that the biggest cost is that the amplifier to power it, and you will also need to pay for an enclosure, or box to house it. Amplifiers - Kenwood KAC846, RRP$499 You wouldn't pull a caravan using a Mini, so receive a powerful amp. Kenwood's KAC-846 is a four-channel plug, that means that you may run four separate speakers off it or - as we are likely here - run the front speakers off the amp and or combine the past two stations to power the sub-woofer.
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What else? Alpine has little devices known as Bass Engines. Mounted under the front seats, they thump in time with the bass to produce the illusion the speakers are creating more sound than they truly are. Setup A good setup is critical to both the sound and also just how great the machine will look in your car. Some choose a stealth program, concealed from lace eyes. Other people go for the all-show approach, with speakers anywhere there is a spare gap, brand names everywhere and lighting a-go-go. You should ask to look at some firm's past work just to make sure; a good setup will exceed $500.
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