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Escaping the Green Belt

Created on 30 September 2015. Posted in Our blog

A few years ago I was delivering some training with a colleague who told a little anecdote about a parks officer he had met who opened the parks in his patch in a random order – zigzagging across the Borough ...

Cricket and Councils; more alike than you'd think

Created on 29 July 2014. Posted in Our blog

... and the meandering ability of the TMS team to fill five days – DAYS – of airtime with descriptions, anecdotes and random musings of the highest order. To the modern casual observer, with an attention span ...

Podcast Episode 4 released

Created on 28 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

...  Green -   Anecdote corner   Local Government challenge - local govt food and drink   Local commi-tea Egg- ceter council Sherbert services ...

Anecdote corner – Week 1: Working with Members

Created on 14 April 2013. Posted in Our blog

We all know the expression ‘you can’t make policy based on anecdote’; usually deployed when a politician somewhere inputs into a complex policy debate by referencing their cousin’s next door neighbour. ...