The K-Hub is dead; long live the K-Hub?

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As some of you might know the LGA have recently announced that they will be closing the knowledge hub as part of a £2 million programme of cuts.

Normally, we’d write a long post about this, discussing why the K-Hub failed (if it did) and what could have been done to protect it. Normally, Glen would have written that post.

However, that’s not possible so instead of writing a long post about this I am stepping into the breach to make just two quick comments:

1)      There were many problems with the k-hub and it is therefore understandable that when the time came to make the cuts, an expensive and relatively unpopular feature was to face the chop. However, in many ways the K-hub represented everything that a 21st century LGA should be about. It allowed local government officers and councillors to share knowledge, provided a space for good practice to be discussed and most of all recognised the central importance of creating digital spaces for these discussions.

2)      The fantastic Dave Briggs has launched a rescue attempt for the K-Hub. As Dave says on the closure:

This is a terrible shame for local government. Cross sector sharing of knowledge and learning is vital if councils are to meet the challenges they face.

I know I could make the Knowledge Hub work: with a change of technology, a new business model, and some great community management.

I think we can make the Knowledge Hub – or whatever it might be called – like LocalGovCamp – only all the time and everywhere.

I suspect I need to convince the LGA to let me do this. After all, I want the existing content on the Knowledge Hub to import into the new system, and the user data too. Otherwise, starting from scratch will most likely make life extremely difficult.

So, I’d like some help. The best form is probably in expressions of support, perhaps publicly on the comments of this post. If you think local government needs a knowledge sharing platform, and you think I might be the person to make a decent fist of it, then do please let me, and the LGA, know.

As Dave says to make it work he will need the support of you, the reader, to persuade the LGA to co-operate with his attempt and also to contribute to making it a success. If you believe, as we do, that Dave will do a good job with this you should head over to his blog and register your support. Do it here. 

As regular readers of this blog will know we have been occasional critics of the LGA. However, whilst we disagree with the decision to shut the K-Hub we recognise that the LGA management are in a very tight budget spot this time round so we can totally understand why they have made the decision they have.

However, if we are able to salvage something from this; through Dave, or another white knight, then all the better for the sector.

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Perfectly correct to flag this issue up, though I'm personally wary of fracturing the discussion across too many blogs etc. Rumour and so on is already creeping in to some stuff I've read, and I think there is a case for keeping the main thrust of debate on this in one place.

On Dave's blog, Catherine Howe rightly comments on the need to respect this in part as a very big issue indeed for the LGA staff involved. Crucial that their futures don't get pre-judged by comments that may, for example, refer to decisions taken before they took up post, or a direction of travel that was not of their making.

At this early point, I think it is right that you're pointing folks towards the thread on Dave's site, rather than seeking to create a new one here.


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