Episode 5 - The one where we had the long awaited sequel to The King's Speech

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We are five! Well, the podcast is anyway. Yes, it's time for us to release another episode of meandering thoughts and conversations, which you can get either via i-tunes or listen to directly at

Show notes



U-Kip if you want to: the podcast is not for sleeping

Many councils are now in NOC - what might that mean?



Queens Speech

A few things on the audit commission, pravdas and extending referendum powers


Rights for carers in Queens speech


Benefit cuts - impact on local authorities


Turn the moaners into owners

Piece on the fact that you’ll never remove Nymbys, so let’s encourage them to take part in the process (neighbourhood planning, etc...) rather than battle each other.


Pot holes


Social care system faces collapse (honestly)


DCLG story of the week


Greg Clarke speaks the truth


Bad council


Bad bin men!


Where do I live again?




What makes a great local authority?


Local government challenge


Pet shop licensing boys

Sting and the Police-y

Wherever I lay my hat that’s my ‘care’ home

Arctic weather preparation monkeys


Pot - (w)hole lot of love

Electric Street Light Orchestra

Super-grass verges

Read all about it (in the council newspaper)

Florence and the street sweeping machine

Public health, MMR and the vaccines

All along the neighbourhood watchtower

Hit me baby one more time - and I’ll get social services involved

Smack my benchmark up

Youth Gang-nam style

Parking space-man

The Universal (credit) - Blur

Sexy and I know IT

One - way direction

Notorious B.I.D


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