Anecdote Corner – Week 2: Reviewing relations with members and asking about requests from managers

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Week 1 of the Anecdote corner was a success so we thought we’d try a second week.

It seems that week 1s topic might have been a bad choice as first go through as some people might have been reluctant to leave anecdotes about members they are currently working with. However, we did get a few good comments which I thought it would be good to share:

The Joff shared this lovely little anecdote:

My favourite moment some years ago was when a Leader declared with great force

"I want to know who is driving the blame culture around here and I want them sacked!"

TheStatsGibbon shared this one which I think reflects the sense of humour many members have; when you spend so much time on the doorstep it must be a necessity:


Favourite is still from a job some considerable time ago as full-time form-filler-in for elections, I managed to misread of 'cook' as 'cock' on a form. This led to a messed up statement of persons' nominated.

Leader of the party in question charged into the office bellowing "Are you calling my candidate "Cock", JuniorElectionsGibbon... I waited until I met him before doing that".

And long-time friend of the blog Tom shared this classic which made me cringe so much:

The Deputy Leader of a large local authority in the North of England attended an event run by the LGIU not very long ago. I was also there, and heard this first-hand:

"I cannot wait for all this fuss about the internet and email to blow over, so that we can go back to doing things properly"

Like others present, I sat speechless, and pretended I'd not heard. No one commented. "So," he went on, "I can tell you all agree, because no one's arguing with me."

The above are all good stories and the sort of thing I’m sure we’ve all seen from time to time but this comment from the Joff also caught my attention:

Mostly my contacts with elected members have confirmed that they are actually incredible public servants with a tremendous service ethos

Well said sir!

Anyway, enough of last week; let’s get onto this week’s anecdote corner. Following a similar theme and reminding me of my favourite ever guest post on the old WLLG blog I thought we’d try:

Strange requests from your manager.

As a reminder our hapless guest blogger said the following:

No, the fun really began when I showed her the final draft the day before the presentation, and was told ‘this is great, but what I want is for the notes to be hand-written’.

Let’s let that sink in, shall we?

The notes, which I’ve already typed up and are much neater than any hand-writing could be, are to be hand-written. I point out that I have the handwriting of a 4 year-old. I ponder with her the dangers of having one copy – what if it gets lost or damaged and then has to be rewritten again? To no avail. They are to be hand-written. I mean, what other work could I possibly have to do that would take precedence over writing these notes out?

I doubt you’ll have stories as funny as that but hopefully a good yarn or two to share.

If you have a story; positive, negative, humorous, insightful or just something you want to share please do comment. If you need to post it anonymously then a bland user name would achieve that or you can simply drop us an e-mail and we’ll do the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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