The boy who cried wolf

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Like Glen, I haven’t written a post for this site for months. The reasons for this are multiple but can broadly be summed up as child, work and chicken-ness. The first two are fairly self-explanatory; as the amount of time and mental energy spent on each of them increased the amount available for blogging and thinking about interesting things to write decreases.

The latter point – that of my general chicken-ness – stems from a combination of a lack of anonymity (gone are the good old days) and the fact that my work now leads me slap bang into the middle of many of the controversies of local government in 2014.

If you are non-anonymous and right in the middle of things the two options for writing available to you are fairly unattractive. Firstly, you could play the renegade and question the actions of your local authority, or local government in general. Unless you can back this up with action in the workplace, or handle it very sensitively, this is a quick way to bring trouble upon the heads of your employers and is unattractive. In my case, it would also mean decrying my own work - which would be particularly disingenuous. The second option is to use the blog to try and make sense, and defend, the work I am doing and the rationale for it. But this isn’t my role either and there is a danger of being the man who doth protest too loudly; especially when there are local residents, and possibly politicians, who would find my arguments to be disagreeable.

I describe the above as chicken-ness because both arguments are overcome-able but nonetheless the caution exists and I have found myself not blogging.

However, like Glen, I do miss it and thus when I found myself staring at a computer screen with a spare hour or so I thought I’d try and craft something that looked back at 2014 and peeked forward too.

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